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Group Activities

Do you, or did you belong to any organized groups as a kid? Perhaps you were a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or you belonged to another group that helped you to learn outdoorsy skills. 

Historically, boy Scouts and male sports groups, such as baseball teams, played and competed in Hartford's parks and in other recreation areas. While these groups have received far more scholarly attention, the HHC collection includes photographs of male and female youth groups. 



"Boy Scouts Five Years Old"

Image featured in The Bridgeport Evening Farmer (January 28, 1915).

Perhaps you have not heard of the Camp Fire Girls.

But 100 years ago, this successful group was created as a girls-only complement to the Boy Scouts. Clippings in scrapbooks at HHC and historic newspaper articles suggest that these girls crafted, held fires, and were involved in wartime food savings campaigns (during World War I). 

What kind of story can you tell with this image? What feelings might it evoke? 


This image (left) is a shot of an initiation of a new Camp Fire Girl, as featured in The Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer. 

Read more about the Camp Fire Girls in Hartford here. 

To better understand why non-indigenous people dressed in indigenous costumes, you will want to read Playing Indian by Philip J. Deloria, the definitive study on this subject. 

In addition to regular meetings of groups of scouts (and other youth) these sites were home to Field Days. 

Have you ever participated in a Field Day, or a daylong program of sports and games? 

Do these events look different from programs that might be held now? If so, what's changed? 

Sometimes, being a spectator, as these folks were for the boat races, was part of the fun! Without television or radio, this was the best way to stay on top of local sporting and recreation events.